First episode up!

Yep – it’s really there. I’m pretty pleased about that, even if it is a week later than I intended. Just a little shy of nine thousand words, this is easily one of the biggest things I’ve ever written. And, with a bit of luck, it’s only just begun.

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One Comment on “First episode up!”

  1. Annonymoose Says:

    It’s good. Good to see you finally took on my idea about publishing stuff for free (*gasp*) on the net 😛

    My only comment would be, remember it’s free! I vaguely recall you telling me a novel came in some where round the 100K words mark and this is 9k? I think you’re readers would be happy with say 2k, but then every Monday to make up for it? I don’t think 9k every 2 weeks is that sustainable, you’re just setting yourself too high a target?

    Also start using blog categories, you’ll thank me if this blog is still going in a years time… And say more stuff outside story, about the writing process or what ever, the great unwashed will want to know when your famous…

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