Nothing New

Yeah, ok, so I officially suck. New episode due this morning, no new episode posted this morning. And no real excuse. I did have to start again Sunday evening, as I realised I was writing a story that should come later in the series, but I was already way behind.

I’ve also been thinking about the comment posted by the mysterious ‘Anonymoose’, and am considering changing my schedule a little. He suggested 2k every week, but I’m thinking that’s a bit short for my liking. So I reckon I’m going to make the first episode a sort of double pilot episode, and aim for around 5k with the subsequent ones. I’ll be sticking with the two week schedule for now, so you will be getting less, I’m afraid. But I’ll also be writing less, which should a) Get me less stressed over it, and b) Give me more time to come up with stories and more time to edit them after.

I’ll be trying to get the next one in by next Monday, then back to the two week thing.

And if I miss it again, you have my permission to come and beat me with a rubber chicken.

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