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I’m back, baby!

28 January, 2008

Ok, so I didn’t do too well at the whole keeping writing thing. But, here goes another stab, and another new schedule.

As one of life’s procrastinators, I’ve noticed that, even with the two week schedule, it was the last weekend that saw the bulk of the writing being done. So, I’m stepping up to a post every week, but only a half sized one. With a bit of luck, I’ll keep it up this time (who am I kidding – I give me a fortnight).

Once a week, half an episode, starting now. Links on the right. Go.


It Is There!

23 October, 2007

I promise, I’m just having some odd problems with the formatting when I copy and paste from Word. I’m at work right now, so I’ll have another bash at fixing it at lunch time.

UPDATE: Ok, it’s there proper now. I’m not so pleased with this one. I think it sucks, frankly, but I will leave the final judgement to you. And hopefully, with two weeks to work on it, the next one will be much better.

First episode up!

1 October, 2007

Yep – it’s really there. I’m pretty pleased about that, even if it is a week later than I intended. Just a little shy of nine thousand words, this is easily one of the biggest things I’ve ever written. And, with a bit of luck, it’s only just begun.