First episode up!

Posted 1 October, 2007 by David Barrance
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Yep – it’s really there. I’m pretty pleased about that, even if it is a week later than I intended. Just a little shy of nine thousand words, this is easily one of the biggest things I’ve ever written. And, with a bit of luck, it’s only just begun.



Posted 25 September, 2007 by David Barrance
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Well, you may have noticed that it’s Tuesday, and the first episode has yet to appear. Well, mainly due to my rubbishness, I failed to finish it in time. Still haven’t finished, in fact. So, I have made an executive decision and put it off until next Monday. I promised myself two weeks per episode, and this will allow me those two weeks for this first one. Which I guess is only fair.

And if it’s not there next Monday, feel free to come round and prod me until it is.

Destiny Deceived

Posted 19 September, 2007 by David Barrance
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Welcome to Destiny Deceived, my latest attempt at giving myself a kick up the backside when it comes to writing. The idea is that I post a new episode of the story every other Monday, and you complain at me if I don’t. I mean it, I want lots of outraged emails, IMs, whatever if you don’t see a new episode when one is due.

The first post will be on Monday 24th September, some time in the morning.

The story is a spoof fantasy, so if that’s not your thing, you don’t have to read it. I would be very grateful if you still did the poking me when I don’t post bit, though.

I think that’s all for now, see you next Monday!