I know, ok?

Posted 5 February, 2008 by David Barrance
Categories: I suck

I know.

Been a little ill, and not feeling like writing over the weekend. Nothing serious, just a bit of a cold, but enough that I’m even less able to concentrate than usual.

Soon, promise.


I’m back, baby!

Posted 28 January, 2008 by David Barrance
Categories: I suck, New Episode

Ok, so I didn’t do too well at the whole keeping writing thing. But, here goes another stab, and another new schedule.

As one of life’s procrastinators, I’ve noticed that, even with the two week schedule, it was the last weekend that saw the bulk of the writing being done. So, I’m stepping up to a post every week, but only a half sized one. With a bit of luck, I’ll keep it up this time (who am I kidding – I give me a fortnight).

Once a week, half an episode, starting now. Links on the right. Go.

Late Again

Posted 5 December, 2007 by David Barrance
Categories: I suck

I feel the need to invoke someone far wiser than I will ever be – the late, great Douglas Adams – ‘I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by’

Yeah, so I’m having some problems again. Mostly of the procrastination kind, but I have also been poking at one of my novels. I’ll get there, I’m not going to make any promises on when, unless I get enough shouting and hollering to make me believe anyone is really reading this.


Posted 5 November, 2007 by David Barrance
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It Is There!

Posted 23 October, 2007 by David Barrance
Categories: New Episode

I promise, I’m just having some odd problems with the formatting when I copy and paste from Word. I’m at work right now, so I’ll have another bash at fixing it at lunch time.

UPDATE: Ok, it’s there proper now. I’m not so pleased with this one. I think it sucks, frankly, but I will leave the final judgement to you. And hopefully, with two weeks to work on it, the next one will be much better.

I really suck at this.

Posted 22 October, 2007 by David Barrance
Categories: I suck

Yeah, missed it again. Got closer this time, though. Largely because of a lack of sleep last night – gave up trying and went downstairs at 2am and bashed out another thousand words. Hopefully I’ll be done tonight, have a bit of a check through and post it tomorrow morning.

Bring on the rubber chickens.

Nothing New

Posted 15 October, 2007 by David Barrance
Categories: I suck

Yeah, ok, so I officially suck. New episode due this morning, no new episode posted this morning. And no real excuse. I did have to start again Sunday evening, as I realised I was writing a story that should come later in the series, but I was already way behind.

I’ve also been thinking about the comment posted by the mysterious ‘Anonymoose’, and am considering changing my schedule a little. He suggested 2k every week, but I’m thinking that’s a bit short for my liking. So I reckon I’m going to make the first episode a sort of double pilot episode, and aim for around 5k with the subsequent ones. I’ll be sticking with the two week schedule for now, so you will be getting less, I’m afraid. But I’ll also be writing less, which should a) Get me less stressed over it, and b) Give me more time to come up with stories and more time to edit them after.

I’ll be trying to get the next one in by next Monday, then back to the two week thing.

And if I miss it again, you have my permission to come and beat me with a rubber chicken.